Shaping the Future of Banking

Join the investment project from Systar Wealth Management LLC that combines the stability and liquidity of traditional financial tools with the security and transparency of Blockchain technology in banking.

About company

Systar Wealth Management LLC is one of the world's leading manufacturers of blockchain business process management products, developing solutions that simplify the efficient processing of data and information flows on the scale of the entire bank organization.

The company has developed more than 50 products that are already used in 13 largest banks in the US. Our products allow each partner to make their business more efficient by optimizing costs and timing.

Entering the European market allowed us to launch an open investment program, and anyone can become a partner.

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Investments offer

Systar Wealth Management LLC is a company that has been holding a leading position in the implementation of blockchain systems in banks for ages.

The work in the USA has brought tangible results that need to be scaled geographically. Therefore, the management of the company decided to enter the world markets, starting from Europe.

Following this strategy, the company has organized an investment project with an open entrance.

The high margin of our main products allows you to make money over short distances, no matter what the investment package is. Our system is fully automated and does not require your participation. It demonstrates high operating speed and stability.

A stable tool for preserving capital and making high profit.

Daily charges allow you to monitor your balance in your personal account in real time, and flexible investment offers provide a choice of plans based on your abilities.

Investing has never been easier. To become an investor, you must:

1. Sign up in the service
2. Choose your investment plan
3. Make a certain deposit

The first dividends can be received the very next day after you open your active deposit.


No risks
Innovative solutions
Daily dividends
Certified company


We offer a multi-level affiliate program. Our affiliate program is available right after you sign up in the service and does not require making even a minimum deposit

The company offers a two-tier affiliate program with different interest rates.

For regular clients:

Tier 1 - 4% from open deposits.
Tier 2 - 1% from open deposits.

For representatives

Tier 1 - 10% from open deposits.
Tier 2 - 2% from open deposits.

For every 20000$ of your referrals' turnover, you get additional 300$.

To learn how to become a representative of the company, please contact us.


Q3 2021

Marketing and PR campaigns in Europe

Q4 2021

Signing contracts with European banks

Q1 2022

Start of development of our own token

Q2 2022

Preparing for the IPO. Marketing and PR promotion campaigns

Q3 2022

Analysis of the Asian Banking Sector. Scaling in the territory of presence

Q4 2022

Entering IPO

Q1 2023

Signing contracts with Asian banks

Q2 2023

Completing the development of our own token. Testing

How it works

Step 1

You must sign up on the website. Your e-mail, password and name are enough.

Step 2

Learn about the investment products and make your choice

Step 3

Make a deposit in your personal account

Step 4

Pay for the investment product and benefit from its declared profitability and take advantage of the linear program