About company

Systar Wealth Management LLC is one of the world's leading manufacturers of blockchain business process management products, developing solutions that simplify the efficient processing of data and information flows on the scale of the entire bank organization.

Blockchain is a distributed record technology that makes it easy to record transactions and track assets in any business network. Its advanced features like transparency, stability and decentralization have benefited all industries around the world.

Our technologies make the banking process safer, more reliable, efficient, transparent and flexible. Banking is the most popular area for blockchain due to security concerns.

Following IBM, 66% of banks are now looking to commercialize blockchain and scale it up over the upcoming four years. The global blockchain in the banking sector is valued at approximately 4112,5 million USD by 2029 at an average annual growth of 18,4%.

What does Systar Wealth Management LLC do?

  • We provide security and transparency of data processing.
  • We reduce costs by implementing the blockchain technology in banking organizations. The implementation of smart contracts in banks reduces the costs of: intermediaries, transfers, accounting.
  • We reduce the time spent. Smart contracts execute and manage transactions. By eliminating multiple layers in the system, payments are made quickly. The implementation of an application for blockchain payment systems facilitates instant payments.