History and founding of company

Having many years of experience in the field of fintech in large world-class companies, the director of the company was one of the first people to see the dynamics in the development of blockchain technologies outside the sphere of cryptocurrencies. Having gathered a group of like-minded people, the team began to analyze the global market to select the direction in which the blockchain would be most relevant. And the banking sector was not selected by chance, because this is the place where there are plenty of problems. The secure, reliable, transparent, decentralized and cost-effective nature of blockchain can help it all. The technology is a universal solution to all current problems in the banking sector.

Already in 2016, there were first solutions to decentralize the ledger, to increase the speed and profitability of international payments. Initially, US banks were not prepared for the transition to the new system, but over time, observing the successful experience of blockchain implementation in the banks of Europe, managers took interest in the development projects of Systar Wealth Management LLC.

In 2017, the first test transactions were carried out through blockchain in one of the largest US banks. At the moment, our technologies are used on a permanent basis in 13 banks across the country.

Today, after succeeding in the US, the company has formed a strategy for entering Europe. There has also been a decision to create an open investment platform, and anyone can become a partner of it.