Board of directors

Arian Smith


Prior to founding Systar Wealth Management LLC, Arian held the position of Vice President of Connected Commerce at the Etisalat group of companies, being responsible for the implementation, integration and development of digital products in the Middle East, Asia and Africa.

He has an MBA from Northeastern University (Boston, USA), a degree from Harvard Business School, a degree in product development, implementation and management, and a certificate on artificial intelligence from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Stan Stone


Senior IT developer since 2010. He has more than 50 successfully completed projects, including e-commerce, FINTECH, blockchain, medicine, computer vision and satellite monitoring.

Has participated in the development of government projects for the US, China, certain regions of Europe and the UAE.

Alex Berezov

Head of information Security

Information technology specialist. Computer security expert, blockchain developer, PR marketing and social media manager. He has worked with large multinational corporations analyzing the hack points in the most reliable and secure systems across the globe. Passionate about security and blockchain.

Phillip Washington


Expert in fields of crypto and digital marketing.

Phillip has been developing and implementing PR strategies for over 13 years. Since 2015 he has been working in global fintech and blockchain projects. He’s a participant of the largest conferences and Digital Summits in the cryptoindustry.

Matt Dalson


Legal advisor to companies and startups in the blockchain on all crucial aspects, including the compliance of the business with the laws.

His multifaceted portfolio makes it possible for him provide high quality services for fintech companies.

Matt is a blockchain enthusiast who helps teams adapt their use cases to blockchain technology. He focused his efforts on developing a strategy for business clients on implementing the blockchain technology to tackle transparency and trust issues. He has a Bachelor of Science in Computer Sciences and has been working as a professional programmer for the past 8 years. He would describe himself as a software developer, blockchain engineer and consultant who loves to work on new and exciting projects and meet new people from different cultures and walks of life. One of his main goals is to bring diversity to technology and contribute to widespread adoption of the blockchain technology.