Every organization, especially when entering a new market, needs large marketing campaigns. The correct brand awareness depends on this. Our marketers invest a lot of time and effort to complete their objectives. Holding or speaking at thematic conferences also contributes to the further development of partnerships with banks.

It is one of the most important stages in a successful and long-term partnership. On this timeline, it’s about the list and terms of providing services to a certain bank. Immediately after that, we start the process of integrating our services in partner banks.

Our main goal. Creation of a universal token that can integrate with any banking system in all countries of the world. The globalization of blockchain in banking is our top priority.

Entering the IPO is one of the most important tasks for our company.

Entering IPO for the company is primarily targeted at increasing its value. Thanks to the IPO, it can possible to obtain an objective assessment of the company's value, and its capitalization increases. And the proceeds from the IPO can be used as additional resources of the company.

Before each major step into the new territory, we engage in a deep analysis of the environment in which we are going to work. The Asian market differs in many respects from the European one that we are used to. With its own laws and regulations and even a different mentality, it forces us to reconsider some business models.

After entering the IPO, it is possible to form long-term capital on profitable terms. The publicity status not only opens the company's access to a new source of financing, which is the market, but also helps get traditional credit resources.

Working with Asian banks will allow us to fully form a picture of global financial relations, which gives a great advantage in generating ideas for new products, as well as providing additional information for the development of a universal token.

Working with banks in the US, Europe and Asia provides an opportunity for multi-platform testing of the token in real-time mode. This will help us be one of the first companies to launch a universal way of making fast and secure transactions bypassing high-priced intermediaries.